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Tips for Selling Products and Services Online

Have you considered selling products and/or services online?  Have you already jumped into this lucrative market?  If so, how are your sales?  If you are reading this article then you most likely haven’t reached your sales goal.  So read on to find out helpful tips for selling your products and services online.

Enlist the help of technological gurus to get you up and running on the Internet quickly.  Don’t seek out a website design firm because they are often too slow.  You need to manage the website.  Have the website designer create a shell model from which you can build your own websites.  You can learn how to create, manage, and update your WebPages in as little as a few hours. Click Here!

Try to find inexpensive tools that are going to yield a high rate of return.  An inexpensive tool that you must invest in is a “Link Tracker“.

Why should I use a “Link Tracker” you may ask?

A “Link Tracker” shows you the relationship between your marketing activities and their results. Tracking your online activities enables you to see how effective different types of marketing are for your business. the purpose of a tracking link is that it creates a unique URL that is only used with one marketing campaign.

You need a system that is able to detect the surfing activities of the visitors to your ads. With the right system you can measure the Surfing Duration of your visitors, because bots don’t surf!

This new system is The Real Tracker.

What can The Real Tracker do?

With The Real Tracker, you’ll know long your visitors have actively surfed your links, whether they have taken any action, and many other tracking stats.

But that’s only the tracking aspect.

There’s more!

You can insert opt-in popup into the links that you track! Yes, even if you don’t own the site!

This means you can build your own list while promoting other people’s product.

You can add an ad bar and cross promote other offers to any link you track.

You can rotate those links, add different weightage and different limit for different links.

You can create tracking sources on the fly, no need to login all the time!
What’s The Cost?

It’s free!

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