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Secure – Automate – Centralize

Your All-In-One Business Automation Solution

Get your hands on a system that would enable you to address your website automation needs and free-up your time for some real business building & marketing work. Presenting you…

                            The Centralizer

Whether you have an existing internet business or you’re thinking about starting one, the Centralizer is your ultimate solution to put it on auto-pilot and stop doing things the hard way!

This software is a suite of online business management applications providing full-scale versatility and integration which will allow your business to grow and thrive by eliminating wasted time and resources usually needed to keep track of everything.

The innovative and advanced tools we put at your disposal are guaranteed to act as your complete Internet business arsenal – Providing you with new opportunities to do more in less time so that you can focus on making sales and enjoying a truly automated business.

Join the ranks of our successful customers and discover how this amazing software can skyrocket your profits and save you more time.

Here’s everything that’s included:

Online Store Creator

This is the main feature of the software and will enable you to sell unlimited products directly from your website or through the included shopping cart.

Create an online store and start selling within 5 minutes.
Setup Unlimited products.
Handle Unlimited customers.
Sell tangible, digital and membership products effortlessly.
Customizable thank you page for each product., and are fully integrated to give you more flexibility... and more payment processors are being added.
Detailed customer statistics.
Auto affiliate registration when customer purchases.
Auto signup & removal of customer from any list/autoresponder.

Content Management System

A full featured content management system you can use to create simple direct response websites as well as multi-level membership websites and blogs.

Setting up a website takes less than 1 minute - simply add your domain and you're ready to publish.
No Ftp & html know-how required. With our simple to use, WYSIWYG editing interface, all you have to do is type in your content just as you would do with a text editor.
Traffic stats for each website is recorded and available through your control panel.
You can setup unlimited membership levels for each of your websites/domains and start multiple monthly residual income sources with your own membership websites.
Content delay feature will allow you to schedule when a particular post should appear to your members.
Unlimited categories & sub-categories of pages for each website.
Built in media library to upload and protect your files and images that can be used anywhere on the platform.

Email Marketing System

Effectively manage and broadcast information to your list of customers and prospects anytime. Keep them up to date with your latest products and special offers. Boost your sales with automatic email follow-ups acting as virtual assistants, even while you’re out having fun in the sun.

Unlimited lists/autoresponders.
Unlimited follow-up messages.
Add attachments to any email in your follow-up series and broadcasts.
Send out emails in HTML and/or text.
Analyze your profitability with detailed autoresponder statistics.
Custom data fields, so all you have to do is ask to gather info about your subscribers.
Form generating wizard that will create the appropriate html code to put on your website so that your visitors can easily subscribe.
Automatically redirect visitors to a url of your choice after they have subscribed and also when they have confirmed their email
CAN SPAM & GDPR compliant.
Message scheduler to send a message on a particular date/time... days, weeks or even months ahead of time.
Global broadcaster that lets you email all your subscribers from different lists... without sending duplicates.
Built-in SPAM score tester to help ensure your emails get to your prospects' Inbox.
Automatic unsubscribe link is included in all outgoing message.
Block & ban subscribers.
Bounced and spam reported emails are automatically marked and taken care of behind the scenes.
Instant, automatic archives of every email you send.
Double opt-in system to protect you against spam complaints.
Built in WYSIWYG editor to create appealing html messages.
Open rate and click rate tracker allows you to know how well your email campaign is doing.
Personalize your messages with the personal information of the subscriber and up to 10 additional custom fields.
List segmentation feature allows you to reach as little or as many subscribers as you want depending on criteria that you specify.

Affiliate management

Thanks to it’s advanced features, building and managing an army of loyal affiliates becomes so easy you’ll wonder why you never recruited your own sales force before. Reward your customers and affiliate partners to promote and sell your products for you.

Run a 1 tier or multi tier affiliate program.
Separate your more successful affiliates and reward them with an increased commission.
Allow your website visitors and joint venture partners to automatically sign-up for your affiliate program.
Automated promotional materials for affiliates.
Train your affliates by automatically adding their email address to any autoresponder of your choice.
Affiliate grouping feature to organize your affiliates into seperate groups and assign different commission for each group.
Set your affiliate program on single or double opt-in mode. A great spam protection feature.
Choose how to pay your affiliates. You have the option to set the registration form to collect the affiliate's name (for check payment) or paypal email address.
Affiliates get their personal affiliate links as soon as they register.
Promote an unlimited number of websites/products.
Track an unlimited number of orders.
Create pre-written ads, banner codes and other promotional materials customizable with the affiliate's information. This feature is as easy as creating a simple webpage.
Set percentage payout or a fixed commission that will be paid to affiliates for every sale they refer to your website.
Set minimum commission payout for your affiliates as a protection against fraud.
The affiliate is automatically notified as soon as a sale is tracked through his/her affiliate id.
Daily, monthly and yearly visitor and sales statics are displayed on the affiliate's control panel.
Commission payment history is also included for the affiliates to see how much money they are making by promoting your products.
Affiliates are able to view their downline if you set your affiliate program to multi-tier.
Affiliates who are owed commission can have their information easily exported through your control panel (including their paypal and names and mailing address).

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