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The Magic Pay Button

Caught on video: Watch me generate 148 free subscribers and $330 in my debut 1 day case study.

Patent pending cloud-based software app

$397 value DFY (done-for-you) web funnel and 100% profit product included

Adds up to 148+ autopilot email and buyer leads per day to your list

Newbie friendly, zero tech skills needed (5 minute copy-paste set up)

Auto-converts leads into unlimited potential $5 to $97+ payouts

Perfect for affiliate marketers, product owners, or both

100% free built-in traffic included

Works in any online niche

Facilitates both one time payouts and passive recurring income

100% evergreen and saturation proof

Fully scalable list and income builder

Tested, proven, and guaranteed to work…

This changes the game forever…

Patent pending software rigorously tested and proven to siphon free online traffic, leads, commissions, and sales.

Our breakthrough software works in any online niche.

On virtual cruise control after a mere few minutes of set up.

Without spending hours scrounging up free traffic.

Without spending a fortune on paid traffic.

And even without shelling out affiliate commissions – meaning you keep 100% of all sales generated.

Our new technology is so groundbreaking, in fact, that we couldn’t release it to the public prior to filing for intellectual property rights…

Trigger Amazing Results By Pasting ONE SIMPLE BUTTON ONLINE…

…some might even call it magic button.

If you can copy and paste, you have all the technical prowess needed (meaning none) to begin building a cash-on-demand email list…

…and an unlimited scalable income…

…with our brilliant new technology.

There’s no guessing whether this works.

No wondering.

No questioning.

It flat out does what we built and coded it to do, like a robot taking orders.

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